Herceg Novi


1,The Fortress

The youngest town on the Montenegrin coast is more than six centuries old (1382). The town's ramparts are poorly preserved, but what' left is the charming old heart of the town, with two squares and several churches and galleries. A few fortresses have also survived, since everyone who ever conquered Herceg Novi erected a fortress in it. Kanli Kula ("Bloody Tower") dates back to the days of the Turkish rule, Spanjola was erected during the short period of Spanish domination of the town, Forte Mare was built between 14th and 18th century and the Citadella (destroyed by the earthquake of 1979 and not reconstructed ever since) dates from Venetian period, the fortress of Mamula on the Island of Lastavice at the mouth of Kotor bay is from the Austro - Hungarian era.




2. Watch Tower

Watch Tower, which is the symbol of Herceg Novi, is placed on all of the town's coast of arms insignia. It was built by the Turks in 1967 .


Herceg Novi Old Town


3. The Monastery Complex of Savina

This is a first - category monument, consisting of the following edifices: The small church of the Assumption of Our Lady (built in 1030 ), the Great Church of Our Lady built in 1799 and the church of St. Sava built in 13th century.

4. The church of St. Leopold

The church of St. Leopold is situated in Old Town and it was built in the 20th century.


Herceg Novi Montenegro


Herceg Novi Montenegro


Herceg Novi Montenegro


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