Budva Riviera


You can never have too much beauty, but along 26 km of Budva Riviera, there is more than enough beauty for many unforgotable summers. Many exciting stories about the passions that used to rage, flow, chill, cool down and sculpt this rregion in the Balkan manner of wild-living, were impressed into the Montenigrin land at the foot of the karstmountains by waters of the blue Adriatic. Once the vast Adriatic sparkles before your eyes, and once you are caressed by the Budva Riviera with its picturesque islands of St. Stefan and St. Nikola, the only thing you can do is to say goodby to all bad thoughts that you may have.



The first signs of the existence of Budva were written by Illyrians, them Greeks, Romans, Slavs, Turkish, Venetian. There are also traces of Austro-Hungarian and French gunpowder. Narrow streets and squares of the Old Town of Budva have born the traces of footprints for more than 2000 years. In this small rocky peninsula, many cultures have been intersected and each of them has left its own bequest in a historical palimpsest.


Budva riviera


Upon living the Old Town, there are 2 pathways for a stroll. One of them is next to Hotel Avala leading to the beaches of Mogren I and Mogren II. the other pathway is from Budva Marina, where many luxurious yachts are anchored during the summer, passing by scattered fishing boats and leading all way along the Slovenska Beach to the beach of Becici.

Abundant cultural and historical heritage, as well as natural breathtaking beauties and many festivals, happenings, luxury hotels with spa and congress capacities are the reasons why Budva is a metropolis of tourism.


Budva Hotels


Beside many events during the summer season, Budva Municipality is the region with the most beautiful beaches in Montenegro. Those unique wonders of nature, 35 beaches 25 km long, are trademarks of Budva region and reason for visiting and permanent coming back to Budva. There for, it isn't surprise why famous Budvan novelists, with exaltation, wrote about it: "the nature was playful here, I would say, as it created it's wondrous master pieces".

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